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Cindy Starfall – Gypsy Fortune
Added: September 10, 2012

It’s late. Logan is making the long drive home from the office. It was a tough day at the end of a tough week. Now all Logan can think about is getting away from the pressure… He’s driven the same route through the Malibu mountains for years. Every day he passes a small street with no name. Every time he passes it he can’t help but wonder where that small road leads. Tonight is no different. As he rounds the bend just before the mysterious mountain road he decides to turn…
Now nothing seems normal. Even the air seems electric and alive with crisp waves of ocean and mountain breezes. Logan’s heart pounds as his headlights illuminate the road ahead. Everything seems strange yet wondrous as he nears the end of the road where he discovers the most amazing thing… A carnival fortune teller booth. It stands there, all by it self, with nothing around for miles. Inside stands a robotic fortune teller, silent and still, as if it has been waiting for someone… someone like Logan.

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