House Of Taboo – Katarina

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House Of Taboo – Katarina

Busty fan favorite Katarina roleplays a college girl in a tight situation as she gets trussed up against a tree while wearing her white blouse, plaid skirt, white knee socks and sneakers. As the bonds secure her in position, she looks out at us, wondering what?s going through our kinky brains…wondering what we?re thinking as her blouse is opened and her skirt pulled up, to reveal her huge 34DD tits and shaved snatch! Similarly, we look into her eyes and wonder whats going through HER head…what fantasies she wants to explore! But then a blindfold is placed across her face and whatever thoughts she has will be mused upon in the dark, as she suddenly feels the water blast of a garden hose squirting her side, and then moving up and drenching her rack.

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