Housewife 1 on 1 – Katie Kox, Will Powers

Housewife 1 on 1 – Katie Kox, Will Powers

Synopsis: Busty blonde Katie Kox is so excited about her marriage that she wants to celebrate her two-month anniversary with her husband! And that starts when she drags him into the bedroom, sucks his cock and pulls out her giant wifey tits for him! Katie celebrates their union by taking a massive load of cum on her chest and then bitching at him about infidelity. Hope it lasts longer than 72 days

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1000 Facials – Julie Cash

1000Facials – Julie Cas

Fans of big busty blondes with soft sweet voices are going to love Julie Cash! She’s shy and sexy, talks dirty but still seems sweet and innocent. With her red satin gloves wrapped around your cock and that deep throat gagging on the end of your rod, it’s hard not to cum all over her face during the first few minutes. Take your time, make her work for it and watch the way her blowjob abilities ramp up in intensity as she senses her liquid lunch is about to spew out all over her pretty face. Here ls a girl truly worth giving your best facial cumshot ever!

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